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About Us

Why SociaLight?

So many business owners just do not have the time, resources, knowledge or money to focus on business social media themselves. Facebook for business has undeniably become an amazing opportunity for small business owners to create a positive online presence, build relationships and help grow their business. An active business page with quality content, advertising and proper use of the many tools offered by social media can really impact the overall success of a business. 

SociaLight is here to help, as we focus on this very important tool for you!

What We Offer


  • Creating a presence for you in your community via social media

  • Helping build personal relationships between you & your customers via social media

  • Quality social media posts and advertising

  • Continuous exposure of your business and business updates

  • Name recognition in the community

  • We are affordable and require no contract

Why You Need Us


  • Majority of small business owners do not have the time to maintain social media

  • Many do not have the knowledge or training to run effective social media

  • We provide quality, personalized social media content and advertising

  • 62% of consumers utilize Facebook as part of their decision to purchase

  • We are affordable and require no contract

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